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      Take a deep breath in and count to four, then exhale and take a look at this calm, watercolor foliage print. A bright, refreshingly clean background displays a variety of plant life painted in deep teal, light aqua, mint, and several shades of green: perfect for keeping that zen feeling well into the new year.

      Available in: 

      -OS cloth diapers
      -Newborn cloth diapers
      -Diaper Covers with hunter green trim and snaps
      - Grab 'n Go (large) wet/dry bags
      - Quick Trip (medium) wet/dry bags
      -Just in Case (small) wet/dry bags
      -Good to Go (extra long) wet bag
      -Bitty (extra small) wet bag
      -LalaBibs with hunter green backing
      -Changing Mats with light green minky backing