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Time Capsule Kids Journal

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A seriously awesome kid's journal 

For the child who's curious to discover how mighty his own story can be.

Invite your child to explore his creativity and discover how mighty the pen can be by diving deep into what sparks his interest. With this time capsule journal, he will record awesome adventures, achievements, and milestones as he improves his penmanship. The engaging prompts encourage him to write and doodle stories—both serious and silly—while building self-esteem. He can even add interesting photographs and memorabilia!

Let master storycatcher Katie Clemons help your child assemble the perfect treasure chest of youth . . . his story!

For ages 8 and up. 

Paperback 100 pages. 6x9 inches (15x23 cm)

Folks are saying:

"I purchased these journals for my children ranging in age from 12-23. My kids and I enjoy fill in the blank books and these are extra fun! The prompts are creative, engaging, and writer friendly to even the most hesitant writer. The prompts, while accessible to younger children are also an opportunity for older users to have some fun. [...] The quality of the journals themselves is top notch. The paperback format allows for it to be easily taken anywhere. The binding is strong and cover sturdy enough to handle much use, as a journal should be!" — Beth, Virginia

"5 stars all the way. This is a must have journal. Your kids will thank you today and decades from now." — Judy, Florida

"This journal is truly amazing. What a wonderful way for a kiddo to capture memories about him/herself! [...] The book really is a time capsule—it is meant to be hidden! When the kid finishes the journal, he/she draws a map on the last page and actually hides the book! What a creative idea! I wish that I had this journal when I was a kid—I would love to see what I would have written." — Michelle, Wyoming

"My son loves it!" — Jessica, Oregon

"Journaling is a fantastic bucket emptier, a great way to help children calm their minds (and bodies!) AND is a wonderful time capsule! This new Gadanke journal is brilliant fun. This evening my 9 year old was busy with his journal. He's now busy thinking about his pirate name...." — Amanda, Netherlands

"This journal is so thoughtfully constructed and designed to help kiddos become self-reflecting, by guiding them through the process of recording their thoughts and the events they've experienced. What's so great about this journal is the places to put photos and other bits and bobs of childhood. As someone who has several of Katie's other journals, it's so encouraging to have a way for the next generation to begin to journal and connect with the written word - skills that have such value and yet are often ignored in this digital age." — Alpinebelle, Montana

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