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      This is the galaxy print you've been waiting for! Sure to become one of your favorite prints in your stash, Celestial reveals the night sky in a way we've never done before. Brilliant clouds of deep blue and purple drift across the inky blackness of space, while tiny glimmers of white light shine through, revealing several constellations and asterisms mapped out delicately against the night sky. How many celestial bodies can you spot on this print?
      Available in: 
      -OS cloth diapers
      -Newborn cloth diapers
      -Diaper Covers with Mulberry trim and snaps
      - Grab 'n Go (large) wet/dry bags
      - Quick Trip (medium) wet/dry bags
      -Just in Case (small) wet/dry bags
      -Good to Go (extra long) wet bag
      -Bitty (extra small) wet bag
      -LalaBibs with white trim and Mulberry backing