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      Little Friends Toys

      Companions All Through Childhood!

      Little Friends toys from HABA can win over any child's heart! These dolls are companions throughout childhood because they made from colorful, bendy, robust plastic and are perfect for what kids like to do best: playing.

      What makes our bendable little dolls so special?

      They offer children an alternative to dolls that look like babies or small kids. Little Friends toys provide a variety of ages such as dolls that look like adults, young children, and babies. Our little dolls stimulate kid’s imaginations and offer them the freedom to play how they choose. Playing with dolls is excellent for children’s social and emotional development because it trains their sense of empathy along with their social behavior. Whether it’s for classic dollhouse role games, experiences in school or with the can role play situations from every part of their life. Find our fantastic selection of bendable little dolls below!