Rewards FAQ and Policies

How do I earn rewards?

Every purchase you make on earns you one point for each dollar. Full dollars only: a purchase of $8.99 will earn you 8 points.

Why didn't I get points from my order?

You must be logged in to your online account at the time you place your order to earn rewards. 

What can I do with points?

Save up your points to redeem for online or in-store coupons! The more points you accumulate, the more valuable they are!

Do points expire?

Not at this time

I'm ready to redeem, how do I do it?

Click the black "join our rewards program" box. Click on spend rewards button and follow the steps. 

Why isn't my code working?

There's a few reasons your code wouldn't work. 1) Our system only allows 1 code per order. Rewards are redeemed as a discount code  2) Double check - have you already used this code on a previous order?

One of my codes worked, but the other won't. Why?

You can only redeem one code per order. This includes discounts and offers outside of the rewards program. If you've already entered in one code, all others will be unable to be used on that order.

Can I combine my points with another account?

No, there are no exceptions on this. Accounts can not be merged with others or used with other accounts.

I redeemed my points and changed my mind. Can you give my points back?

Maybe. We run our rewards system through a third party application so it costs us time and money to void redeemed codes and adjust points. It never hurts to ask by emailing us at If you email, please be sure to give us as much time as possible to fix 

Why was I charged shipping on my order?

Orders within the US of $35+ qualify for free shipping. If the use of a coupon or code (rewards or otherwise) causes your total to drop below $35, the order will no longer qualify for free shipping.

I want to add something to my order. Can I?

No. Once orders have been placed we cannot change or modify them. Please be sure your order is accurate before checking out.

I want to return something from my rewards order. How much will I get refunded?

You will get refunded what you paid out of pocket (less any shipping charges or restocking fees). If there are other items in your order that the rewards could have been applied to we will do our best to apply them there instead. If you return the entire order you will not be refunded the value of your rewards coupon and we are unable to void the coupon to restore your points.

We have the right to close accounts down when there is abuse within the system (ex: numerous emails, but same person, using codes from other accounts, etc)

We may edit or change the reward program at any time. 

Have other questions or concerns about the rewards program? Please email us at