Albertosaurus Toy Safari Ltd Lil Tulips
Albertosaurus Toy Safari Ltd Lil Tulips
Albertosaurus Toy Safari Ltd Lil Tulips

Albertosaurus Toy

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This relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex was smaller and more lightly built, but it was still a formidable predator of the Late Cretaceous Period. Found in what is now Alberta, Canada, some scientists believe Albertosaurus may have hunted together in packs.

Scientific Name: Albertosaurus ("Alberta Lizard") sarcophagus ("Flesh Eater")

Characteristics: This dinosaur toy is an accurate and highly detailed figure showing what Albertosaurus may have looked like in life. It is similar to T-Rex, its cousin who lived a few million years later, but slimmer and smaller. This Albertosaurus has a speculative pattern of brown and aqua coloration, which might have been something the dinosaur could have used to camouflage amongst the plants and foliage of its habitat.

Size: Though smaller than the Tyrannosaurus, this Albertosaurus toy is still a sizable figure at almost 10 inches in length from nose to tail. It stands just over 3 inches tall.

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    Cuddly and adorable ♡♡♡

    Jill V.

    Love love love smart bottoms!!!!

    Kristi N.

    Fast delivery! Great diapers. I love the limited prints. Thank you Lil' Tulips!


    Absolutely adorable print!

    Rachel T.

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