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AppleCheeks Billie Jean Size Cloth Diaper Envelope Cover

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An outer layer of breathable, waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester (PUL), sewn to a butter soft microfleece inner layer, so that only the softest of soft touches your baby's delicate skin.

Snug, durable elastic at both the waist and legs for a gentle and secure fit.
Two rows of easy-to-adjust snaps, allowing for a proper fit at the legs and the waist.
A beautiful range of truly spectacular colours to appeal to a wide range of esthetic.
A handy envelope opening, wide enough for daddyルs hands, which allows for the option of placing the absorbent inner between the fleece and the waterproof outer layer if so desired.
A more generous and longer lasting fit than other similar styles on the market. Size 1 fits from 7 - 20lbs, and Size 2 fits from 20 - 40lbs. All weight ranges are approximate.

The ultimate cloth diapering solution!

NO NEED TO UNSTUFF. The absorbent inserts come right out in the wash!

No bubble butt. AppleCheeks provides a sleek, trim fit that can fit under size-appropriate babyᅠclothes.

No gaping, thanks to the two rows of snaps ensuring a proper fit as waist and thighs areᅠadjustable SEPARATELY - no wing droop.

No Velcro. A Velcro cover never gives a truly custom fit. With AppleCheeks' two row snappedᅠcover you customize the fit to suit each baby's body. As a result, no more leaks. Also, Velcroᅠoften leads to painful chafing on baby and is not as durable as snaps.

No leaks, stretchy fit. Thanks to the adjustable two row snaps and elastic at the tummy andᅠback, the fit is equally well adapted for a chubby or slim baby.

No hands in dirty diapers!! The wide envelope opening means that if one chooses to stuff theᅠcovers, inserts drop out in the wash- no un-stuffing necessary!

No chafing. The butter-soft micro-fleece is gentle against baby's skin.

No sweat. AppleCheeks covers are made of a breathable, waterproof fabric that is soft to theᅠtouch without a laminated plastic feel.

Modular: The envelope cover can be used as all-in-one, or as a cover + insert

A two-size cover and a one size insert. Thanks to the adjustable 2 row snaps, the two-sizedᅠ covers fit baby from birth to toilet training, whatever her shape or size.

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