Baby be Mine Before After Maternity / Postpartum Pants

$ 69.99

If you need a perfect pair of pants - these were made for you! With adjustable gatherings on each side of the waist, no matter how you feel - they`re going to fit just right. Designed with a roll over panel that can be worn over your full belly or simply rolled over and secured with the side strings to obtain the perfect fit.

With a modern wide leg cut, your legs are instantly elongated, along with short pull ties at the bottom of each leg - so wear them wide or pull them in for a more fitted look. Whether you are just pregnant, heavily pregnant or just had your baby, these pants will carry you through. Can be worn casually with flip flops or sneakers, but don`t forget to dress them up with boots or heels - these babies are here to serve!
Made out of Lyocell, a super soft high quality fabric designed to just keep going.

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