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Babylegs Baby Arm Leggings Electrify

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Brand Babylegs

Babylegs Baby Arm Leggings Electrify

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Sweet little BabyLegs all over the world are being exposed to the chilly air because of gapiosis.

Gapiosis: The space between the sock and the bottom of the pant, often accentuated by being held in arms or by being placed in a carrier, stroller, or buggy.

Make diaper changes a breeze

Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces

Keep legs warm year round

Provide light weight sun protection

Jazz up any dance class

Feet remain free to allow for successful crawling, walking, and dancing

They also help keep socks on

Make EC'n & potty training easier

Help keep the bugs away on arms and legs

Extra layering for those cold days

Great for wearing over socks/pants to keep the snow out of the snow boots

Fits most newborn to 10 years old. They will fit your little ones for a long time. They are fun to use as arm warmers too!

Many styles to choose from!!

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