Belmama Cherub The Shower Hug

$ 20.00


Pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. A marathon welcome to motherhood! Needless to say, our bodies go through a lot, especially our breasts and nipples. They deserve a bit of tender loving care and the Shower Hug provides it!

The Shower Hug also provides soothing relief to women recovering from mastectomy, augmentation, reduction, reconstruction and lifts
For use in the shower, the Shower Hug:
  • Provides gentle bust line support for full and engorged breasts
  • Acts as a warm compress to soothe tender breasts and ease engorgement
  • Shields sensitive nipples and breasts from direct contact with harsh shower sprays
  • Protects nipples and areolas from direct contact with soap and other chemical residues found in many toiletries. A big plus for breastfeeding moms!
Many of our customers have enjoyed the Shower Hug so much, they wear it outside of the shower as well. The Shower Hug:
  • Provides an alternative to a traditional or nursing bra for soft, comfortable support. Strap-free design relieves pressure on shoulders
  • Prevents nighttime leaks with or without the use of adhesive breastfeeding pads
  • Offers hands-free convenience to hold cold packs and heat packs in place.
  • The Shower Hug is not just for the bust-line! The Shower Hug comforts those recovering from C-section deliveries.
Simply wrap the Shower Hug around your hips and lower abdomen to:
  • Gently and softly support your healing tummy, in and out of the shower
  • Protect your incision from harsh shower sprays and chemical residues that can irritate sensitive and healing skin
Simply wrap the Shower Hug around your chest and back and attach the Velcro closure. Since your body will change over the next few weeks, we have provided four inches of Velcro so you can pull the Shower Hug as snug or loose as you feel comfortable.After wearing, simply wring out the excess water and hang dry. To wash, attach the Velcro® closure and toss it in with your next load of baby clothes.

**NOTE: Please order one size down if your pre-pregnancy bra size falls in between size categories listed on the tag. For example, if you are typically a 34C pre-pregnancy, you should order the S/M and not the M/L.

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