Blue Footed Booby Toy Safari Ltd Lil Tulips
Blue Footed Booby Toy Safari Ltd Lil Tulips
Blue Footed Booby Toy Safari Ltd Lil Tulips
Blue Footed Booby Toy Safari Ltd Lil Tulips

Blue Footed Booby Toy

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It’s no mystery as to how the blue-footed booby got its name! Male blue-footed boobies use their uniquely-colored feet to attract a mate, and will dance and strut in front of females in order to show them off. The brighter the shade of blue, the better!

  • History: Although blue-footed boobies are currently classified as “least concern” on the conservation status spectrum, a recent study suggested that their numbers in the Galapagos Islands are declining due to breeding troubles. Researchers believe that the booby’s breeding success is being affected by a decline in the sardine population, which is of one of their main food sources. There is no evidence of other possible causes.
  • Scientific Name: Sula nebouxii
  • Characteristics: Expertly painted and designed with true-to-life detail, this blue footed booby toy is for more than just nature enthusiasts – they make great tools for learning and play as well! In what must be one of the strangest interactions in nature, the blue-footed booby’s feet actually depict how well-nourished it is, because the shade of blue is directly related to its consumption of fresh and healthy fish.
  • Size: 3 inches long and 2 inches tall, our blue-footed booby toy figurine is almost exactly the size of a credit card stood upright.
  • Recommended Age: 3+

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