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Blueberry Wet Bag

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Blueberry Wet Bag

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This is a waterproof bag to keep your wet and/or soiled diapers in while you're out and about.

Zipper top closure secures the bag shut.

This bag can accommodate 6-8 diapers.

Keep at least 2 on hand so you always have a clean one while the other is in the wash or waiting to be washed.

Bag dimensions: 16' x 14' x 4'.

Fabric content: 100% polyester laminate Made in the USA

1. Machine wash in any temperature up to 140F/60C (warm/hot) along with your regular / diaper laundry.

2. Tumble dry up to 140F/60C (warm/hot) or hang to dry with your regular / diaper laundry.

3. DO NOT USE BLEACH or put through a sanitize cycle. This will cause the bag's waterproof lining to de-laminate.

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