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Cuddly Bandages Band Aids

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Cuddly Bandages Band Aids

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A brand new bandaid in soft plush to cuddle with!
Winner of a Family Choice Award 2014!

A Cuddly Bandage is a small friend that supports and comforts children and calm them when they are sad, worried or scared. You can use them when they are hurt or if they feel sad and lonely, or just as a fun treat!

There are many occasions when the child benefits from using a Cuddly Bandage; for example at the doctor's or dentist's office, when being left at daycare, when they hurt themselves or any other occasion when some extra comfort is needed.

If there is a wound, always protect it with an adhesive bandage first and then place the Cuddly Bandage on top.

Both the Cuddly Bandages and the adhesive bandages should be applied to clean and dry skin. Change them every day and clean the wound if it gets damp or dirty. Cuddly Bandages are not recommended for children below the age of 3.

6 Cuddly Bandages and 6 adhesive bandages are included in the package.

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