Dapper Snappers Adjustable Snap Belt

$ 9.99

Dapper Snappers to the rescue! ᅠ

These adjustable toddler belts fix droopy drawers in a snap!ᅠ ᅠ

Imagine this... You're getting the kids dressed in the morning and discover that, lo and behold, your smallest darling has had a nighttime growth spurt and all his pants are too short.ᅠ 'Thank goodness for hand-me-downs,' you think as you raid your preschooler's outgrown clothers from last year. ᅠ You slide them up and snap them, concentrating on the cuffs, delighted to see they are the correct length...until you let go of the clasp and the waist shimmies down to the poor child's thights!ᅠ Ugh...the length is good but the waist is too big. ᅠ

Solution:ᅠ The mom-invented Dapper Snapper. ᅠ

Simply slip the ends througth the back belt loop on any pair of pants and snap to the correct size!ᅠ

The Dapper Snapper makes any pair of pants with belt loops into adjustable waist pants.ᅠ Extend your child's wardrobe and save with a Dapper Snapper!ᅠ It's perfect for potty training toddlers; no bunched up fabric near the button or snap and zipper so it's easier for little fingers to take care of business. ᅠ ᅠ

Diaper Snappers are: Recommended for ages 9 mo-6 yrs and One Size Fits All

Perfect for kids who are in between sizes or wearing hand-me-downs!

Convenient-no need to remove for diaper changes & doesn't impede potty training

Made in the USA Mom-invented

Compliant with CPSIA regulations. ᅠ

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