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DeoDisks Pail Liner Citrus Scented Freshener [Single]

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DeoDisks Pail Liner Citrus Scented Freshener [Single]

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Citrus Circles scented disks are amazing and effective odor control products. They work nicely to help control order in diaper pails or wherever you need a fresh, clean citrus scent. Citrus Circles fit into the slot on the back of the lid of our diaper pails.
They are nontoxic, but should not be ingested.
Individually wrapped, each Citrus Circles disk will last 3-4 weeks.
Made in the USA.
Citrus scented
Effective odor control
Ideal for diaper pails, but can also be used in garbage cans, cat boxes, etc.
Lasts 3-4 weeks

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