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Ecojarz Stainless Steel Straws [3 pack]

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Brand EcoJarz

Ecojarz Stainless Steel Straws [3 pack]

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Strong, durable, reusable drinking straws
Elegant shape with small permanent bend
Easy to clean
Work with all Ecojarz lids
Disposable straws are so out-of-style; all the classiest hippies sip through stainless steel! For a glamorous green juice on the go, show how much you love the earth and add some bling-bling, stainless steel sustainability to your drink.ᅠ
Featuring a sleek and slender design, our drinking straws have a slight bend that resemble the familiar flexible disposable straws (though ours are not flexible).
Best for sipping liquids like fresh-squeezed juice or tea, this drinking straw fits both our silicone and stainless steel Ecojarz lids.
If you need a great straw that can handle thicker drinks like smoothies check out our Smoothie Straws.
We recommend to wash your new stainless steel drinking straw thoroughly with soap and water before use.
Cleaning your drinking straws is easy with our excellent stainless steel straw cleaners!

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