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Francie Pants Girls Underpants Cover Up [Final Sale]

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Remember that first pair of big girl underpants? Maybe a Grandma or a special Auntie bought them for you. Pink, ruffled, princess-approved Fabulous!

What little girl wouldnt want to show them off to the world? And what Mommy wouldnt shudder at the thought of her daughter flashing her skivvies? Which is probably why the following childhood rhyme has been around for almost a century, on three continents.

I see London, I see France, I see someones underpants!

The fear of this taunt has caused little girls to stop turning cartwheels and climbing trees. It has made them go from proud to ashamed in a single instant.

Francie Pants shorts give girls back their pride and their confidence.

When girls wear Francie Pants they have the power to be proper without having to be prudes. These are not the itchy uncomfortable privacy garments you may have seen in the past. So lightweight, silky and comfortable, you can barely feel them on.

We embrace an active lifestyle for girls. Francie pants shorts are a sassy yet modest way for girls to express who they are, without shame or hesitation. Theyre free to twirl, do a handstand or a high kick, because weve got them covered!

Sizing Guidelines: Francie Pants are sized according to age. A 4 year old will generally wear a size 4. We also we suggest ordering the same size that you would select in jeans. If your child wears an odd size (i.e. size 7) we recommend sizing up to the next size. If they normally wear jeans with a 'slim fit' we recommend sizing down. Francie Pants are stretchy and sized to fit close, like a swimsuit. If you prefer a looser fit, please size up accordingly.

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Cotton Candy
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Mod Dots
Mod Dots
Carnival Skulls
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