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Laundry Tarts All Natural Detergent 45/90 Load

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Our all natural detergents come in many scruptious dessert inspired scents.

Safe for all types of water, washing machines, fabrics and skintypes.

Our detergents are also cloth diaper safe and hypoallergenic!

We offera fun and environmentally safe alternative to commercial productsusing high quality ingredients that give optimal results. Our all natural formula removes stains, keep whites bright and removes odorand bacteria without masking them with the use of harmful chemicalfragrances.

Our products are hypoallergenic; making it suitable as ababy detergent, safe for sensitive skin and cloth diaper laundering.

All of our ingredients are biodegradable, completely vegan, free ofphosphates, phthalates, parabens, SLS and chlorine.

We are one of the only companies that do not mislead the consumer with unrecognizable terms as we list every ingredient used.


The base we use is an artisan, vegan soap; lovingly hand made in Toronto, Canada.

We are one of the only companies that actually use real soap. Real soap has compounds that remove dirt, oils and odorcausing bacteria. When rinsed with water, you have the easiest andbest clean that has been used for centuries. We use the same concept but with modern day stains and technology in mind.

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