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Mommy Necklaces Dangling Donut Nursing Necklace

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Mommy Necklaces are an innovative and trendy accessory for the mom. Mommy Necklaces aid nursing mothers by making their job as a breastfeeding mom a little less painful, literally. Created by a nursing mother who was tired of the daily wrestling match between baby and breast, along with constant twiddling, pinching, and distractibility.ᅠ Breastfeeding does not have to be this hard and painful!. Distracted babies nurse less during the day and more at night (tired mommy!) and fidgety babies love to pull their mothers hair and leave pinch marks (poor mommy!). Mommy Necklaces were invented to occupy busy hands away from Mommys hairline while engaging baby in a way that results in longer nursing sessions.

Mommy Necklaces are a safe alternative to regular jewelry that allows mothers to nourish their babies in style, after most have tucked their necklaces away due to breakage concerns. While the idea of a nursing necklace may sound simple, Mommy Necklace takes that extra step to make sure their designs are durable and can withstand the test of being worn daily by a mother.

About the Dangling Donut Design.

- The Dandgling Donut Design is not only extremely trendy but amazingly functional. Created long enough to be worn in eye-sight of baby and twiddled upon while nursing, the Dangling Donut line comes with a loose donut pendant that breastfeeding babies love to grasp and twiddle. The donut pendant gently skims the lower beads of the necklace and results in a wonderful rattling noise when moved. The smooth finishes on the beads are safe and delightful to touch.

- Approximate length of the necklace from end to end is 28 inches and approximately 13.75 inches hanging from back of neck to chest

All the Mommy Necklace beads are made of high-quality acrylics that are tested for both lead and phthalates. The necklaces are strung on an extra sturdy cording that is guaranteed from breakage and come secured with a break-away safety closure.
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