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Pello Chase Floor Pillow

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Brand Pello

Pello Chase Floor Pillow

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  • More than just a pillow: Pello serves as a floor pillow, play mat and security blanket that stays with a child as they grow.
  • Makes the perfect gift: Instead of picking out yet another onesie they will outgrow in months, be remembered with a truly unique gift that will last for years on end as one of mom and baby's most cherished items.
  • Have it for life: Your Pello will grow right along with your baby, becoming the one item they never want to give up. In infancy, the soft center cuddles your baby and becomes the perfect counterpart for practicing sitting, tummy time, as an obstacle course when crawling and endless wonders for pretend play. Older still, kids remain attached to their Pello and use it as a pillow while watching TV, reading and more.
  • Completely portable and easy to carry hands free: Perfect for parents on the go, use on any surface - including sand! Designed with two sturdy handles and folds like a taco so you can just grab and go.
  • Washable and durable kid-friendly fabrics: No germs here! Durable and completely washable! Made from 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly. The filler is 100% hypo allergenic and naturally flame retardant polyester maintaining it's high quality through wash after wash.
  • Patented & made in USA: Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Pello includes 2 US patents!

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