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Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner

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After years of research we developed a truly great diaper pail liner that will not leak or wick at the seams. What makes Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liners different?
They are the first and only diaper pail liner on the market that are not only sewn but also SEALED!!!
You can put your super wet diapers, swimwear, wet towels, or anything really wet into these liners and they won't leak or wick (condensation may occur when used in a diaper pail - this is normal and will even happen if you use a plastic garbage bag).
Available in a ton of great colors along with a sturdy no pill elastic and matching thread at the seams so no white stripes down the sides at the seams!

Innovative Seam Sealing
  • Reusable to help further reduce waste
  • Made with sturdy no pill elastic
  • Resists most odors & stains keeping smells in
  • Anti-microbial
  • Made in the USA
  • Innovative leakproof construction to prevent wicking and leaks. First & ONLY in the industry!
  • Generous sizing to fit most diaper pails or waste cans. (approx. 28' tall & circumference of 54'. Can be used alone as well.
  • PVC Fre

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