Poppy Drops Temporary Tattoo Earrings

$ 6.95

Detailed application instructions are on the back of each earring Collection.

Earrings are made with all-natural, food-grade vegetable dyes and are safe for use by children.

Earrings last up to a week and can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

For extended wear, avoid contact with oil or chemical based lotions or household products.

In Bloom: twelve sets of flower earrings

Let's Party:six colorful heart earrings, 6 colorful sparkler earrings, 6 colorful starburst earrings, and six firecracker earrings

Island Collection:

wee little ones: 6 Colorful Bows, 6 candy swirls, 6 elephants, 6 pastel flowers & 6 BONUS butterfly earrings

I Can Fly: six ladybug earrings, six owl earrings, six butterfly earrings and six birdie earrings

MeMy Doll: Fun assortment of earrings for a little girl and her doll!Collection includes 6 Colorful Bows, 6 candy swirls, 6 hot air balloons 6 tea set earrings!

Each set comes with a pair of matching doll earrings, sized perfectly for her favorite doll.

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