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Rumparooz/Kanga Care Washable Diaper Liner [10 pack]

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Rumparooz/Kanga Care Washable Diaper Liner [10 pack]

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Protect your diapers while using diaper rash cream!

Use these liners any time you find the need to use either over the counter or prescription creams when using cloth diapers. It is important that diaper creams do not come in direct contact with the inner fabric of the diaper itself.

This can cause the fibers to become coated in a substance that will affect the absorbency by causing the diapers to repel moisture. Kanga Care recommends using a liner with ALL DIAPER CREAMS, even if they promote that they are 'cloth diaper safe.'

10 pack

Perfectly Designed for the the Rumparoozᆴ.

The liner fits between the inner gussets and does not compromise the function of the inner gussets critical feature. Made out of the same inner material as the Rumparoozᆴ and the LilJoeys. No-Pill, 100% hypo-allergenic microchamois. 12.5' long, 3.5' wide. Fits perfectly between the inner gussets of the Rumparooz.

Kanga Care liners will also work in the LilJoeys if you are concerned about those first couple days of meconium. They are a little longer then the LilJoey so just fold the liner down at one end and position it evenly into the diaper.

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