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Sippypal The Sippy Cup Holder

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The SippyPal is a safe, quick and easy way to secure your babys bottle, sippy cup or baby accessory to the harness of any highchair, car seat, stroller, bike seat or shopping cart. When designing a product for babies and toddlers you have to keep in mind that children are very curious. If something is strapped around their bottle, sippy cup, stroller or car seat, the child is going to try to find a way to remove it. Therefore we designed the SippyPal to be removed only by an adult.

The SippyPal has a patented push-button buckle with a non-slip surface on the strap that tightens perfectly around any bottle and sippy cups for a secure, snug fit. We also use a loop system with a slide-release buckle that secures to the safety harness of a highchair, car seat, stroller, bike seat or shopping cart, etc. to prevent the bottle or sippy cup from being thrown to the ground. The SippyPal is adjustable, enabling the strap to extend as a child grows so that they only have enough to take a drink.
The SippyPal has a patented push-button buckle that allows you to secure it to any bottle or sippy cup in less than 2 seconds and remove it even quicker. The SippyPal can be removed and installed on a bottle, sippy cup and on the safety harness of a car seat, high chair, stroller, bike seat, etc. with one hand. This is very important especially when you are holding a child with the other.
The SippyPal uses a non-slip surface along with the push button buckle to keep it from slipping off any bottle or sippy cup even if they are straight or tapered.
The SippyPal is almost impossible for a child to remove. While it is easy for an adult, a small child does not have the dexterity and force to push and release the push-button buckle.
For the safety of your child, the SippyPal allows you to adjust the length of the strap so your child only has enough length to drink from a bottle or cup.
The SippyPal is made of polypropylene. This material is strong, stain resistant, mold & mildew resistant, acid resistant, non-toxic and cleans up easily.
The SippyPal allows you to install and remove it from a cup and safety harness with one hand. One handed operation was a necessity.

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