Sleepy Dress Nursing Pajamas

$ 56.00

Brand Majamas
We called this the Sleepy Dress when introducing it over ten years ago but it's far from tired. Designed to wear to bed, this dress can be found out on the streets in L.A. worn by the stars. It will bring your style back in an instant and make you feel, again. Pull aside nursing access and breast pad pockets in the top make it perfect for wearing to bed but we know you'll wear it out too. Made from beefy, Organic Cotton with just enough Lycra in it so it keeps its shape. Take good care of it by washing it on cold in the gentle cycle without your jeans and towels in there and tumble it dry on low. It may need a light iron after its washed but trust us, you'll wear it forever.
Made in the USA.


Machine wash cold on gentle setting. Tumble dry low.

Cocoa and Black: 91% Organic Cotton/ 9% Lycra

Caposele Print: 88% Cotton / 12% Lycra

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