Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer Pants

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This is the perfect trainer for even a young toddler!
Organic cotton inner, snap-in insert and PULL in the wet zone make this a one-of-a-kind option for your child.
- 2 sizes available
- 2 layers of 100% Organic Cotton line the fleece outer layer
- Each trainer includes a snap-in insert that adds 4 additional layers of absorbent Organic Cotton- Adjustable absorbency
- Hidden layer of PUL in the wet zone
- Fleece outer allows for breathability and is moisture resistant
- Gentle fold over elastic around the legs and waist for easy up and down
Small - 20 lbs-30 lbs
Large - 30 lbs+
Lil' Trainers are meant to sit low on the waist and fit loose enough around the legs and waist to be pulled up and down easily.

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