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Smart Fold Prefold Cotton/Hemp

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Our Smartfold is not like any other prefold you have tried!
Made with organic cotton and hemp, these super soft fleece diapers are the perfect option for a heavy wetter.
- Made from 45% organic cotton/ 55% hemp
- 2x3x2 construction
- Available in 3 sizes
- No stitching down center panel for optimal absorption rate
- Large will hold over 16 oz of fluid
Small - under 16 lbs or for use as a doubler
Before Washing 12x16 After Washing 11.5X14
Medium Dimensions - may be used on any size child, should be sufficiently absorbent for children 8lbs - 24 lbs
Before Washing 13x17.5
After Washing 12.5x15.5
Large Dimensions - great for overnight use, heavy wetters, and children 24 lbs+
Before Washing 15X18
After Washing 14.5X16

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