Snuggy Baby Wet/Dry 2 Pocket Wet Bag

$ 35.00

Got Messes?? Keep them contained.

Wet bags are the perfect solution for all kinds of messes. They have a waterproof liner sewn inside to keep your mess from growing. Just throw you messy clothes into the wet bag and you will keep from contaminating everything else. Then throw the wet bag and all into the laundry. This is the easiest solution for your messes.ᅠ

Wet bags are a must for cloth diapers, diaper explosions, potty training accidents, and messy clothes. They are also great to throw in a gym bag or take to the beach for your wet, sandy, or sweaty clothes. You can even use them as a reusable lunch bag or a make-up bag.ᅠ

The Wet/Dry bag has 2 pockets, one for dry items and a waterproof lined one for wet ones. It is the perfect accessory for every cloth diapering or potty training family. Put the clean diapers in the front pocket and then when you need to do a diaper change, take the clean one out of the front pocket and put the dirty ones in the back waterproof one. It allows you to keep your diaper bag more organized and can even double as your diaper bag for short trips.ᅠᅠ

This wet bag measures approx. 13.5' x 13.5' . It can fit 6-8 cloth diapers.

The outside layer is made of cotton prints. The waterproof layer is made out of PUL (polyurethane Laminate, the same stuff they make diaper covers out of. You know if it can contain those messes it can contain anything. All of the layers are sewn separately to prevent wicking. It also include a 6 inch handle that snaps open and closed to make it easier to attach to something if you want to hang your bag.

These wet bags are a must have for all parents, grandparents, athletes, and anyone else who ever makes a mess. They make great gifts.ᅠ

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