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SoftBums PODS Snap in Insert DryTouch Original

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Brand Soft Bums

SoftBums PODS Snap in Insert DryTouch Original

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Includes 1 Pod
SoftBums Pods are the absorbent half of your Echo system. Pods are one-size-fits-all and easily fold to fit in your Echo Shell at any setting!
DryTouch Pods are absorbent and economical. Use one for daytime and add a Mini Pod for older babies, nights and naps. These Pods contain 2 layers of absorbent microfiber and topped with creamy soft micro fleece.
Nothing fits like a SoftBums with Slide2Size, and SoftBums Pods are made to fit perfectly inside a SoftBums Echo Shell, but Pods are even more useful than that.
The best kept secret about Pods is that they'll fit in ANY waterproof diaper shell, even a pocket diaper, and turn it into a reusable diapering system.
Choose your Pod and don't forget to get a couple Mini Pods while you're here!

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