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SoftBums Small DryTouch Mini Pod Insert

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SoftBums Small DryTouch Mini Pod Insert

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Small DryTouch Mini Podsᅠ are composed of 3 layers of absorbent microfiber terry and topped with a super soft layer of microfleece to provide comfort and a dry feel for your baby!ᅠ

Lay them in your Echo Shell or stuff them in your Omni with a Pod to increase absorbency for heavy wetters or overnight use.

You can put them on top or beneath the Pod.ᅠ

You can also use them alone with an Echo or Omni Shell for newborns for a super trim fit while still providing comfort and a dry feel along with plenty of absorbency for any newborn!

DryTouch fleece top wicks moisture away, keeping baby dry

Great by itself for ages 0-2 months 3 layers of super absorbent microfiber terry add absorbency without making diapers bulky

Easily snaps or stuffs into your Echo or Omni shell Made to pair with other Pods to add extra absorbency for nighttime or heavy wetters Perfect size for newborns, and works great for Preemies!

Nothing fits like a SoftBums with SlideSize, and SoftBums Mini Pods are made to fit perfectly inside a SoftBums Echo or Omni Shell, but Mini Pods are even more useful than that. The best kept secret about Mini Pods is that they can be used as a doubler in ANY diaper, increasing absorbency of everything from pocket diapers to fitted diapers to prefolds!

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