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Sterile Sponge Scrub Bristle Brush [3 pk]

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Sterile Sponge Scrub Bristle Brush [3 pk]

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Clean your babyルs skin the way doctors do. Scalp Scrubbieルs sponge gently scrubs away dirt, and the soft bristles help fight cradle cap on infants and children.

Gentle. The brush's gentle bristles, made of polyethylene, are safe for all skin typesヤeven the tender skin of a newborn. With over 800 bristles on each brush, the Scalp Scrubbie allows an effective scrub without irritating the infant's scalp. Combined with either shampoo and/or oil, a gentle massage with the Scalp Scrubbie bristles can treat cradle cap.

Soft. A soft, dry, foam sponge is conveniently attached to the gentle bristles, providing an excellent tool for mild shampooing, soaking, and rinsing of the child's scalp. The lightweight sponge contours to any surface, promoting countless ways to use the Scalp Scrubbie.

Sterile. Each Scalp Scrubbie is latex-free and sterilized using the EO Sterilization process. Scalp Scrubbies are individually packaged in blister wrapping to guarantee that each sponge brush remains clean and sterile until ready for use. Remember, Scalp Scrubbies cannot be re-sterilized, so it is recommended to replace them oftenヤand start fresh!

Alternative Uses for Scalp Scrubbie

  • Gently clean the scalp of cancer patients that have lost their hair.
  • Clean your fingernails.
  • Clean jewelry.
  • Clean fragile figurines or vases

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