Toofeze Baby Infant Stainless Teether Ring

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Brand Toofeze
Teething babies instinctively crave cold, smooth objects. Toofeze satisfies that natural craving.
Highly recommended and used by pediatric professionals.
Therapeutic- Cool stainless steel disk reduces swelling and inflammation.
Ergonomic- Soft silicone handle and stationary design make it easy for babies to control.
Hypoallergenic- Made of 100% natural ingredients- Safe for sensitive babies.
Sanitary- Toofeze is easily cleaned with soap and water, antibacterial wipes or run it through the dishwasher as often as you like!
Toofeze is recommended for babies ages 3 monthsᅠ
Whether at home or out and about, Toofeze chills quickly in a refrigerator, cold water, or even in front of the car air conditioning vent!

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