Wow Cup 9 OZ Spill Free Sippy Cup

$ 9.99

Brand Wow Gear
The Wow Kidsᆴ cups are designed to span across a wider age range than our Wow Babyᆴ cups. The clean and durable design provides for years of use as a child grows from the toddler years into pre-school and beyond to their early adolescent years. The Wow Kidsᆴ cup is amulti-function spill free cup that provides for aneffective & healthy alternative to a sippy and straw cup, or a simple solution for those wanting a smoother transition to an open cup or just as an everyday fun cup. The Wow Kidsᆴ cup uses the same patented lid technology as the Wow Babyᆴ cups but is meant to act and feel more like a regular household open cup. It's small enough to be handled by those children exhibiting advanced coordination in the early toddler years and big enough to be used by older children without it feeling and looking like a baby cup. It also comes finished with a matte surface which helps the child grip the cup more firmly and a locking lid. The spill free design virtually eliminates any messy clean-up and because there are no spouts and straws, the 360ᄚ Uni-Flow drinking edge provides a healthy alternative that helps toddlers develop the oral and motor coordination to transition into a regular open round cup sooner without the headache and frustration of dealing with spills and endless training sessions. Just like the Wow Babyᆴ cup, the no-spout and no-straw design helps in the prevention of potential Orthodontia issues due to long term sucking on spouts. The Wow Kidsᆴ drinkware is delivered with the assurance and guarantee of being 100% BPA & Phthalate free and made only from the safest food-grade plastic materials. All of our new materials meet all the requirements as set forth by organizations such as: U.S. FDA food safety standards U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) European Community food safety standards Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare California Prop 65

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