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      Grapat - Mandala Wooden Sorting Toys, Blocks, and Figures

      Grapat creates material without instructions, open-ended and favors-free autonomous.


      Grapat Makes Your Favorite Mandala Wooden Toys

      Grapat makes wooden toys without instructions, ready for open-ended autonomous free play. Their only purpose is to let children play, slowly, without time limits. They offer material that encourages, invites and stimulates the creation of fantastic, realistic, and invented imaginative little worlds. Their wooden toys are made following old traditional processes, the way toys for kids used to be made, with thick, soft raw materials, using natural dyes which let the wood grain show through, and with vibrant colored waxes and oils that shine just enough. Grapat wooden toys are painted by hand, homemade, surrounded by land, fire, rivers and many children nearby, who inspire them daily. Everything you need for your children to have imaginative open-play is available from Grapat and Lil’ Tulips.

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      The Grapat Story of Wooden Toys

      Grapat is a small family project that came about after a family left the city so that they could live in a more natural environment. The idea began to grow years prior to moving, during the first 3 years of their eldest daughter. She had few toys, which led them to consider how important it actually was for children to have them. The family thought through it and decided to have her use everyday objects for play instead. They have open kitchen closets, have allowed the books to become roads, the scarves have transformed into huts and roads.

      It truly inspired them to see their children (and other children) playing like this; it was almost like something sacred, creating stories using their imagination with everyday objects that adults often look past as something with mere utilitarian value. Free play is a game of YES, where EVERYTHING IS OK, except of course the rules that are made to keep your kids from hurting themselves, others, the environment, the material, and the creations of others. When these moments of true free, open-minded play occur, kids seem to truly be present in it. They protect it as if it were a sacred moment. Parents do not interrupt, they take care of space, and keep silent allowing the creativity of the moment to flow.

      It inspires us daily to see how kids need to play, almost more than they need to eat. It leads them to play with a stone in a dirty field in the midday sun during summer. There is a game inside children that is like an earthquake that cannot be stopped, however much we adults try with all our strength. Free play, loose parts, open and unstructured material disrupt us daily, but it can transform into whatever we decide, and which is the fruit of creativity and imagination. Grapat Wooden Toys for kids use a material without instructions, the only premise is to “let do”, without time, slowly. A material that incites, invites, causes the creation of diverse worlds, fantastic, realistic, invented.

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