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      Maileg Mouse Toys - Handmade Charming Mice, Dollhouses, and more

      Charming Danish-designed toys created to inspire children.


      Maileg Makes Handmade Designer Mouse Toys

      In our busy world full of bright lights and constant noise, stories and tales are continually forced upon us from the outside. But is that what is best for your child? Maileg USA thinks what your kid needs is an opportunity to create their own story. To craft a new narrative each time they play, in a world of childhood imagination. To help them do that, they have created an opportunity for a world in which matchboxes can be beds for the cutest little mice; princesses make perfect tea time companions, and adventures can be found on a friendly forest walk. A world where cats and mice play as friends.

      Maileg (pronounced My’lye) is a brand of charming Danish-designed toys created to inspire our children’s favorite playtime stories.

      With charm in every detail, Maileg toys will help your little one explore their imagination by bringing storybook whimsy to everyday moments. If you are already familiar with Maileg Mice, then you understand how beloved they are for their heartwarming personalities. Maileg toys show playfulness and charm in every last hand-crafted detail. Theirs is a timeless world filled with beautiful dollhouses, kitchens, and many more settings to be collected, loved, and experienced with friends and family for generations.

      Everything you need for your children to have the most imaginative experience is available from Maileg at and Lil’ Tulips.

      You can shop Maileg’s Princess Mouse, Big Sister, Baby Mouse Sleepy/Wakey in Box Girl, Superhero Mouse Little Brother in Suitcase, My Tooth Box, Little Sister Mouse in Matchbox 0722, Baby Mice Triplets in Matchbox, Prince Mouse, Big Brother, Dad Mouse, Maileg Mini Pixy, Washing Machine, Miniature Kitchen, Garden Set, Table with Chair and Bench, and so much more all here at Lil’ Tulips!

      The Maileg Story of Imaginative Play Toys

      Maileg’s Founder and Creative Director, Dorthe Mailil, is a well-known Danish designer and illustrator. She is responsible for creating such a charming brand of toys that bring together modern Scandinavian design with a storybook whimsical tone and exquisite attention to detail.

      Following her joy for childhood play and imagination, Dorthe and her husband Erik founded Maileg in 1999. The pronunciation of the name may surprise you! It comes from combining their last name “Mailil” with “leg”, the Danish word for play; pronounced “My’lye.”

      The philosophy behind Maileg that directs their whimsical creations is the belief that a well-made, adorable toy will last. Their toys are always limited release and will therefore become collectibles; so be sure to watch for new items (hint: subscribe to our newsletter down below to never miss a drop!) We believe, along with the folks at Maileg, that children thrive with simple toys, rather than plastic. Fewer, better-made toys open their minds to new stories and innovative ways to play which will serve them well throughout their life.

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