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Self-care Essentials

Self-care Essentials

We could all use a little more self-care in our routines. September is National Self-Care Awareness Month and just the reminder we needed to pause and take a break. Whether you step away from your desk and step outside for some fresh air or arrange to have an indulgent kid-free bath, do something just for you this month. You deserve it! 

Lil’ Tulips carefully selects non-toxic products for the whole family that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

For some a luxurious and relaxing bath, Finchberry salt soaks nourish and moisturize your skin while providing a deep and gentle relaxation experience. The salts come in scents like Rosey Posey, Cranberry Chutney, and Retrograde Honey. 

Did you know that most store-bought shampoos and conditioners contain harmful chemicals, not to mention they’re in plastic bottles that just pile up in the recycling bin. Treat yourself to a plastic-free alternative, HiBAR, with no sulfates, parabens, phthalates or silicones - just beautiful hair.

Give your beauty routine a refresher with toxin-free lip glosses and scrubs from withSimplicity. The coffee scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and invigorated, while the subtle and toxin-free lip tints will give you a nice and subtle glow.
Cuddle-worthy Pals and Blankets

Cuddle-worthy Pals and Blankets

As the warm summer months come to a close, the cool breeze of autumn invites in thoughts of days spent snuggling up with a plush pal and comfy blanket. At Lil Tulips, we carry a wide range of cuddly friends and soft blankets that will keep your family warm all season. 

Stuffed Animals

One of our best selling brands, JellyCat and it’s whimsical collection of breakfast items, fruits and veggies, magical creatures, and backyard animals, has a friend for everyone. New to the shop is the Jingle Jingle collection which features festive holiday favorites like a Christmas tree, elf, wreath and more fun characters. Find the perfect stuffed animal for your family here

Cozy Blankets

With a size for each member of your growing family, Saranoni features adorable patterns and warm tones in mini, receiving, toddler, large and extra large - big enough to fit a queen mattress! Lil Tulips’ very own blanket collection, Avocado Amour, features funky and fresh floral designs made from 100% cotton. Whether you’re swaddling your baby or snuggling on the sofa, these blankets get softer each time you wash them.  


Half-blanket, half-stuffed animal, soothers are a little one’s best friend! With so many adorable pals to pick, from a bashful turtle to baby’s first bunny, they make the days and nights more cozy. Also perfect for gift-giving and saving for the next generations to come. 

Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

Whether your kids are learning online or attending classes in person, make it a fun year with these back-to-school products that make the transition easy for both parents and kids.

Get Creative 

Ooly’s fun collection of creative pens, pencils and markers make homework fun. From glitter to pastel pens and erasable highlighters, kids will enjoy the extra special touches to their school work and projects. 

Let’s Eat

Yumbox makes packing lunch easy with separate compartments for wet and dry goods. Kids will love the bright colors and lightweight material making lunch easy to carry around in a backpack or from the fridge to desk. 

Healthy Habits 

Stay motivated and healthy this season with non-toxic essential oil products that are safe for the whole family. Lusa Organics has a collection of balms and rollerblends that help with grounding, motivation, relaxation and more. 

Reading Fun

Let learning minds wander with a good book at the end of the day. Lil Tulips’ collection of books makes reading fun for the whole family while learning about different cultures, backgrounds and subjects. From classic tales to inspirational biographies, there is something that appeals to every eager mind.  

Sustainable Swaps For The Family

Sustainable Swaps For The Family

Good for the environment and for your wallet, Lil’ Tulips carries sustainable and eco-friendly products for your home that will make you and your family feel good while doing some good. 

Gifts For New & Expectant Mothers

Gifts For New & Expectant Mothers

Welcoming a baby into the world is one of life’s greatest and scariest joys. Make mom-to-be feel celebrated and supported with thoughtful gifts at her and the baby can both enjoy.



Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to sneak fruits and veggies into my little ones food. They also love frozen treats, so I decided to make left over smoothie popsicles for them as a more natural approach to satisfy their sweet tooth. 
I brought the popsicle molds home with lids and all, but my curious boys used the lids as swords. I never saw the lids after that. Maybe they are at the toy box, I will never know, I promise that toy box is the Bermuda triangle. 
If you know me, you know I love multi functional reusables items and I didn't want to reach for wood sticks that I will dispose of later. That's where the replay forks came in super handy, plus the beautiful Replay Recycled colors make the popsicles more interesting for the kids. Click to shop Replay Toddler Utensils
You can literally make these popsicles out of any smoothie. Here is the recipe for the smoothie I used to make our popsicles  of.
For the smoothie you will need:
1 large banana (peeled)
2 cups of milk
1 handful of cooked spinach
Brown sugar to taste (I used Brandless)
1 tbsp. of peanut butter (I used Brandless)
Sprinkles for topping (because sprinkles are life)
Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.
To make the popsicles you will need:
Popsicle mold 
Parchment paper (I used Brandless)
A knife 
Rubber band.
Pour smoothie into mold and cover with parchment paper, secure with rubber band. Make a tiny cut on top of each mold compartment and gently push the forks in, just enough to secure them inside the smoothie. 
Freeze for at least 4 hours. When you are ready to enjoy, take them out of the freezer sand out of the mold. You can eat them plain or go wild with the toppings, I used sprinkles (because I mean, sprinkles are love)
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