Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

We're back with a gift guide for the toddlers in your life. This is such a fun age to shop for as toddlers are so full of life and are starting to develop their own interests. This gift guide is meant to encourage open-ended play and give you ideas for intentional, creative gift giving.

Play Wagon

For all the toys, books, and anything else a kid can think of, this wagon can carry tons of fun indoors or outside.

A Durable Toy Vehicle

Zooming around the house with a new dump truck, helicopter, or firetruck has never been more fun than with a toddler. Feel good about these Green Toy vehicles made out of recycled plastic and that are easy to clean!


A Play Set

Encourage creative play by gifting a play set. Choose one that best fits the toddler's interest whether a doll house, fire station set, farm, or something else!

     Fire Station Play Set          Farm Set     House Set

 A Puzzle

Puzzles are great teaching tools and great gifts! Puzzles are great for learning problem solving and can also be used in imaginative play when you turn the pieces into characters and the board becomes your playground. 

Unicorn Puzzle     Construction Peg Puzzle     


The possibilities are endless when building with Duplos. Choose a favorite set to gift and build alongside your little one!

Duplo Gingerbread House    Duplo Garbage Truck     Duplo Wild Animals of Africa

Play Cooking Set

Encourage your little ones to be good helpers in the kitchen with their own cooking set. Great play opportunities come through imaginative role play. Kids love the opportunity to "cook" their own meals for you or throw their own tea party.

Toddler Kitchen Set     Chef Set     Tea Set

A Fat Brain Toy

Fat Brain Toys encourage development, curiosity, and creativity. These are a top-seller at Lil' Tulips for toddlers and make a great gift for the holidays or whatever the occasion might be. 

SpinAgain     SpiroKu     TobblesNeo   

We hope this gives you a head start as you shop for the toddlers in your life. Happy holiday shopping!


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