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The Lil Tulip's Family

Lil' Tulips is run by the mom and dad dynamic duo that is Jenny & Van. Inspiration for Lil' Tulips struck when our first child arrived. We were searching for the latest and greatest, hippest & trendiest products, because of course, nothing can inspire the search for “cool” like kids can!

We enjoy the Minnesota River Valley and are proud to make Stillwater, MN our home. As work at home parents of four amazing kids we have ample opportunity to “field test” most of the products we offer, and we have shared the testing along with our enthusiast friends and neighbors. With that we are proud to offer products we think would not only help you, but make your life a little bit easier!

Having a background in customer service, we are firm believers in treating our customers well. We strive to offer service that you can depend on with the added bonus of saving a few “bucks” by offering free shipping, and who doesn't love the sound of THAT?!

Lil' Tulips is happy to offer many mom & dad-invented products, while offering you the best possible prices. If you find the same product for less (including shipping costs!) we will price match! As Lil’ Tulips continues to grow, we are always in search of GREAT products & companies. If you find something you love and we don't yet offer, please let us know!

And naturally, we always appreciate your referrals.

Thanks for shopping with us and supporting our family!