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      Magnetic Me - Baby Clothing with Magnetic Fasteners

      The absolute easiest way to dress a baby.


      Magnetic Me Makes Onesies and Pajamas with Magnets for Easy Dressing

      With hidden magnetic fasteners securely enclosed in soft, eco-friendly fabric like GOTS-certified cotton & modal, only Magnetic Me’s premium fabric touches your baby’s sensitive skin. What is modal? Imagine this: a smooth fabric that's soft as silk, divine & dreamy, and sustainably made. Modal, made from beech trees, can withstand countless washes without pilling or fading and is more eco-friendly than bamboo.

      Parenting is often difficult, but getting your baby dressed shouldn’t be. While there are a lot of baby clothes for you to choose from (we carry many of the best in our store), Magnetic Me makes the easiest baby clothes to put on. Their baby outfits (onesies, jammies, footed pajamas, and baby matching sets) feature safe magnetic closures. They snap together quickly and quietly so that you are able to spend more time connecting with your baby. Their unique baby clothes simplify at least one thing about being a new parent!

      The easy-to-change baby clothes Magnetic Me has to offer also have the look and feel you want. If you’re looking for cute organic baby clothes, trendy baby clothes, or boutique baby clothes, they’ve got them! Our baby clothes patterns add personality and fun to all the baby clothes sizes you will need … all without those cumbersome snaps!

      Their products meet the highest standards (the founders are parents too!) Magnetic Me makes footies, onesies, gowns, jackets, and accessories in super soft organic. Check out their cotton baby romper, cotton baby hat, and organic cotton baby clothes for yourself to feel the difference.

      Look no further to buy your baby clothes online. We have everything you need right here.  If you’re looking for something specific like a Sea The World Modal Magnetic Footie, In Dog Nito II Modal Magnetic Footie, ABC Love Modal Magnetic Footie, Rayleigh Modal Magnetic Footie, Harlow Modal Magnetic Footie, or even Space Chase Modal Magnetic Footie you’ve come to the right place. And when baby shower season hits, check out our baby & toddler clothing, baby accessories, baby summer clothes, or a swaddle blanket to make all your friends and family with a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-put-on, gift unlike any other.

      The Magnetic Me Story of Making Life Easier for Parents

      The founders of Magnetic Me are dedicated to upholding all their products to your and our high standards. After struggling to put a velcro bib on her nephew, and then seeing him cry from the velcro ripping out his fine baby hair, Lauren thought, “why not a magnet which would be more gentle and fasten itself?” Two years later, after thorough and intense research and development, Magnetic Me came to market with a full line of infant’s wear to critical acclaim. Lifelong college friends, Lauren & Lawrence left corporate America with the single goal of making life easier for as many parents and babies as possible.

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