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      Smart Bottoms - All-in-One Organic Cloth Diapers, Hanging Diaper Wet Bags, and More.

      Smart Bottoms has the best cloth diapers on the market, made from organic cotton and hemp, all-natural fiber, reusable, and Made in the USA.

      Smart Bottoms - All-in-One Organic Cloth Diapers, Hanging Diaper Bags, and Baby Goods

      Smart Bottoms Makes Organic Cloth All-in-One Diapers and Hanging Diaper Bags

      Smart Bottoms makes cloth diapers that use all-natural cotton, or a blend of all-natural cotton and hemp. Their cloth diapers are All-In-One (AIO) style, meaning the entire diaper is one piece that can be washed - how easy! Offering styles and sizes from newborn through the toddler years, Smart Bottoms' cloth diapers offer higher absorbency, adorable prints for all occasions, and an all-encompassing organic cloth diapering system that is 100% made in the United States.

      The all-encompassing system also includes hanging diaper wet bags, mattress pads, pail liners, inserts and liners, bandana bibs, blankets, and so much more. Everything you need for the perfect all-in-one organic cloth diapering system is available from Smart Bottoms and Lil’ Tulips.

      You can shop Smart Bottoms’ Dream Diaper 2.0, Smart One 3.1, Born Smart 2.0, Too Smart Cover, Mini Web Bag, Small Wet Bag, On the Go Wet Bag, Hanging Wet Bag, Seat Saver, Bandana Bibs, Pail Liner, Snuggle Blanket, Cuddle Blanket, and Mattress Pad all here on Lil’ Tulips!

      The Smart Bottoms Story of Organic Cloth Diapering

      Smart Bottoms began because Christy Malone was passionate about cloth diapering. It's a choice that she and her husband made with their second child, and have not regretted it for a single day (even the messy ones)! Smart Bottoms is very proud to offer an organic cloth diapering system that is 100% made in the USA. High-quality products available at a reasonable price was an essential focus from the beginning, desiring all families to be able to provide the finest cloth diapers for their little ones.

      We know there is a reason you have decided to cloth diaper your baby and toddler. That reason includes why you chose to go against the majority, why you chose the healthier, more environmentally friendly, or cheaper option.

      We at Lil’ Tulips and Smart Bottoms want to be a part of your story! Along with many families in America, you are working to create an entire generation of cloth diaperers. If you yourself were cloth diapered as a child, you were undoubtedly diapered with old-fashioned pre-folds, pins, and “rubber” pants. Smart Bottoms can show you what today's cloth diapers look and feel like. You will fall in love with how easy, healthy, and inexpensive it is to cloth diaper your baby!

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