Holiday Gift Guide: For Mealtime

Holiday Gift Guide: For Mealtime

Holiday gifts can be practical too! Here's some of our favorites for mealtime success that will be staples in your home for years to come.


Make mealtime Ezpz with these practical tools! Ezpz uses silicone and nylon for a safe eating experience. Ezpz mealware is designed to help kids learn to eat on their own. 






Another self-feeding essential, Grabease utensils are a safe and practical tool for beginning eaters! Gift your little one with these colorful utensils, and you can start introducing them to new foods in the new year. 



RePlay is an essential for your dining collection! Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs, these tools are durable and BPA-free. Coming in a variety of colors, RePlay products can be mixed-and-matched. Add these to your mealtime by gifting a colorful set to your kids this holiday season. 



Mushie products come in the cutest colors and designes and is perfect for you if you prefer muted hues! Designed in Sweden, Mushie products are made with food grade silicone. Elevate your kid's dining experience with Mushie place mats, snack cups, suction plate, and bibs. 



Bapron bibs come in a wide variety of fun patterns and will save the day by making mealtime a much quicker clean up! Made in the USA, Bapron bibs are durable, waterproof, 100% certified baby-safe, and eco-friendly. The bibs are not constricting to kids and provides total coverage for less mess and more enjoyable mealtimes!

 Take this holiday season to find some meaningful gifts for kids that also are practical all year long!

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