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      Mushie - Stacking Cups, Bibs, Pacifier Clips, Teething Toys

      Carefully curated safe, innovative, functional, and stylish baby products.


      Mushie is Known for Silicone Bibs, Handmade Pacifier Clips, Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets

      Handmade by moms in the USA, Mushie pacifier clips are a favorite for parents and of course babies. Their paci clips come in unique and elegant vintage-inspired colors that bring to mind a peaceful simplicity.

      Mushie Bibs keep your little one feeling comfy and clean with their fun-loving collection of silicone bibs. Designed in Sweden, Mushie bibs feature classic patterns capturing a look that's both timeless and elegant. Made from food-grade silicone, these playful bibs are BPA and phthalate-free. Mushie bibs feature rounded, built-in neck fasteners for a snug and comfy fit. The deep front pocket is perfect for catching food, keeping your baby and surrounding area clean. Easy to clean, their silicone bibs resist stains and do not absorb water. Easy to clean up, you can simply wash them with soap.

      You can shop for Mushie’s Original Stacking Cups Toy, Pacifier Clip | Cleo (Sage), Ball Teether (Tradewinds), Silicone Baby Bib Rainbows, Silicone Suction Plate (Dried Thyme), Flower Teething Bracelet 3-Pack (Black/Natural/Caramel), and so much more all here at Lil’ Tulips.

      The Mushie Story of Creating Beautiful, Practical, Safe Baby Products

      Mushie is an American baby brand, best known for its Scandinavian-designed silicone baby bibs, handmade pacifier clips, organic muslin swaddles, children's dinnerware, and toys. Founded in 2018 when the cofounders left their jobs as an educator and marketing consultant, the company has become a favorite among new and seasoned moms seeking to provide the best products for their little ones. Mushie ultimately was started after the founders found it a challenge to find aesthetically pleasing, practical, and safe baby products.

      Today, the brand masters its minimalist style with a line of eco-friendly children’s dinnerware, nursery fabrics, toys, and other baby essentials.

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