Gifts For New & Expectant Mothers

Gifts For New & Expectant Mothers

Welcoming a baby into the world is one of life’s greatest and scariest joys. Make mom-to-be feel celebrated and supported with thoughtful gifts at her and the baby can both enjoy.



Mantrabands are a nice gift for any mother who needs a reminder of how amazing she is. Available in gold, silver and rose gold, each bracelet offers a beautiful sentiment. Our collection also includes a unique rose gold “Mom” necklace. Inspired by Finn carries beautiful raw Baltic amber necklaces for mom and baby to grow into. Baltic amber adds a lovely and comforting touch to the wearer by releasing a special acid that helps calm a teething baby. 

Indulgent Bath Products


Choose a gift that will have mom glowing and feeling pampered after. Finchberry’s line of all-natural vegan soaps, shampoo bars and bath salts come in earthy scents that will leave mom feeling relaxed and invigorated. 

SOS Bliss Bath soaps are handcrafted with love by a mom for moms with scents including  apple sage, bamboo and Japanese Cherry Blossom.


New moms who are getting acquainted with their new bodies and new babies can use some extra TLC for their skincare routines. From breastfeeding balms to soothing ointments, Earth Mama has all-natural vegan and cruelty free products for both mom and baby.

Cuddly Friends

JellyCat Lion

Being a mom means spending most of your days cuddling with your little bundle of joy. To add a bit of whimsy to their stuffed toy collection, gift JellyCat. From magical creatures, farm animals and produce there’s a special pal for everyone.


For moms on the move, Milk Snob offers a selection of soft fabric covers that can be used for nursing, shopping carts, high-chairs, infant swings, and more. It’s important to make mom and baby feel comfortable while out and about and these versatile slips do just that. 

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