Tips For a Healthier New Year

Tips For a Healthier New Year

With limited ways to stay fit and focused this year, we’re keeping our resolutions simple and shining spotlight on eco-friendly alternatives to make the most of every day spent at home. 

Get up & play 

Work out your core muscles and coordination with Wobbel boardThese fun boards come in various sizes and are great for stretching, balancing and defying gravity. Enjoy hours of imaginative play with Le Toy Van’s collection of building blocks and stacking toys that come in assortments of veggies, fruits and animals. 


Reduce & Reuse


We’re spending lots of time at home and as we look for ways to save money on everyday items, we love brands like Marleys Monsters who have products like wipes, towels, facial rounds and so much more made with 100% cotton that is soft, durable and becomes more absorbent after each wash. Our favorite way to store food and keep things organized is with Stasher. The reusable collection comes in fun colors and sizes. They're also great for storing beauty products, toys and more!

Fresh & Clean 

Say goodbye to toxic beauty products and hello to handcrafted artisanal soaps from Lather Bar Soap Company. This line is made in the U.S. and is cruelty free, phthalate free, paraben free, SLS free and sulfate free. Choose from bath bombs and bath soaps that promise pure indulgence. For baby, toxic diaper creams are a thing of the past with Grovia’s Natural Diaper Ointment. The convenient stick makes diaper changing a breeze with no-mess.

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