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      Holztiger Wooden Animals - Non-Toxic Natural Toy Animals

      Handcrafted from solid maple and beech hardwood and hand-painted with nontoxic, water-based acrylic paints.


      Holztiger Makes Safe, Non-Toxic Wooden Animals for Kids

      The wooden figures you will fall in love with here are large and chunky with rounded edges. There is no upper age limit for playing; even adults are drawn to their simple charm! The minimalist forms of these wooden figures, combined with their chunkiness and handmade attention to detail, ensure a child's imagination is stimulated creating hours of play and free play learning. These wooden animal toys are made primarily of maple, which is durable and characterized by beautiful graining. Each individual wood animal is sanded, dyed, painted, and finished all by hand! The result is a timeless, beautifully-stylized wooden animal that allows a child's imagination to come alive while playing and having fun.

      Some of our favorite and most popular Holztiger wooden animals are the Wooden Allosaurus, Wooden Gorilla, Wooden Running Fox, Wooden Tyrannosaurus Rex, Wooden Flamingo, Wooden Spinosaurus, Wooden Swimming Duck - Brown, Wooden Piglet Small, Wooden Standing Cow, and the Wooden Elephant.

      Holztiger - A Premium European Wooden Toy Brand

      For decades, HOLZTIGER wooden toy figures have upheld the value of free, imaginative play, safety, as well as the highest European quality. Each individual figure is painstakingly handcrafted out of sustainably harvested hard maple and beech wood. They are then painted by hand only with safe, non-toxic watercolors that you would use in your own home. This type of paint gives them their special, well-known, appealing, and pleasant surface. Even after being painted, the fine wood grain can still be seen through the finish, and the character of the wood is preserved. The large figures are easy to grip for small children's hands, making them a favorite to be collected for years, until they form a complete play world. Oh, the possibilities with an open imagination!

      Holztiger is part of the Gollnest & Kiesel (goki) German toy company that is committed to making sure the world remains a colorful and liveable place. Every year they plant one tree for every new child born in their northern German state - that comes to approximately 25,000 trees per year for new public woodland that remains the common property of the state for all to enjoy.

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