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Tonies Beethoven's Wig

Tonies Beethoven's Wig

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Beethoven's Wig combines zany lyrics set with some of classical music’s greatest hits and facts about the world's most notable composers and masterpieces. This collection includes 24 sing-along symphonies and 24 classic arrangements. 

This Tonie teaches kids about: 

  • Classical music in a way that's fun and engaging
  • Composers
  • New and exciting instruments


    1. Just For Elise (Fur Elise, Beethoven)

    2. Sing Verdi Very Loud (La donna è mobile, Verdi)

    3. It's The Same Every Verse (In the Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg)

    4. Wow What a Wedding Cake (The Wedding March, Mendelssohn)

    5. Beethoven's Wig (Symphony No. 5, Beethoven)

    6. Stuck in the Saddle Again (Light Cavalry Overture, Suppé)

    7. Musical B's (Hungarian Dance #5, Brahms)

    8. Bull In A China Shop (Toreador Song, Bizet)

    9. Play My Song (Bourrée in E minor, Bach)

    10. A Manly Man (Elephant from The Carnival of the Animals, Saint-Saëns)

    11. Take Me to Your Leader (Also sprach Zarathustra, Strauss)

    12. Chap in a Cap (Horn Concerto No. 4 in E flat, K. 495, Mozart)

    13. Beep Beep Beep (Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven)

    14. Oh No! (Sonata in C Major, Mozart)

    15. Midnight Snack (Habanera, Bizet)

    16. I Want My Diploma (Pomp and Circumstance, Elgar)

    17. Franz Liszt The Famous Pianist (Hungarian Rhapsody #2, Liszt)

    18. Please Don’t Play Your Violin at Night (The Entertainer, Joplin)

    19. Hey Guitar Teacher (Bourrée, Bach)

    20. A Piano Is Stuck In The Door (The Entertainer, Joplin)

    21. Mozart Makes Kids Smart (Alla Turca, Mozart)

    22. Poor Uncle Joe (Funeral March, Chopin)

    23. La De Da Sonata (Sonata in C Major, Mozart)

    24. My Little Chicken (The Celebrated Chop Waltz, Allen)


    Classical Songs:

    1. Fur Elise, Beethoven (Just For Elise)

    2. La donna è mobile, Verdi (Sing Verdi Very Loud)

    3. In the Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg (It's The Same Every Verse)

    4. The Wedding March, Mendelssohn (Wow What a Wedding Cake)

    5. Symphony No. 5, Beethoven (Beethoven's Wig) 

    6. Light Cavalry Overture, Suppé (Stuck in the Saddle Again)

    7. Hungarian Dance #5, Brahms (Musical B’s)

    8. Toreador Song, Bizet (Bull In A China Shop)

    9. Bourrée in E minor, Bach (Play My Song)

    10. Elephant from The Carnival of the Animals, Saint-Saëns (A Manly Man)

    11. Also sprach Zarathustra, Strauss (Take Me to Your Leader)

    12. Horn Concerto No. 4 in E flat, K. 495, Mozart (Chap in a Cap)

    13. Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven (Beep Beep Beep)

    14. Sonata in C Major, Mozart

    15. Habanera, Bizet (Midnight Snack)

    16. Pomp and Circumstance, Elgar (I Want My Diploma)

    17. Hungarian Rhapsody #2, Liszt (Franz Liszt The Famous Pianist)

    18. The Entertainer, Joplin (Please Don’t Play Your Violin at Night)

    19. Bourrée, Bach (Hey Guitar Teacher)

    20. The Entertainer, Joplin (A Piano Is Stuck In The Door)

    21. Alla Turca, Mozart (Mozart Makes Kids Smart)

    22. Funeral March, Chopin (Poor Uncle Joe)

    23. Sonata in C Major, Mozart (La De Da Sonata )

    24. The Celebrated Chop Waltz, Allen (My Little Chicken)

    Total Run Time: 77 minutes

    Tonies Box sold separately 

    *compatible with the Toniebox

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