Cuddle-worthy Pals and Blankets

Cuddle-worthy Pals and Blankets

As the warm summer months come to a close, the cool breeze of autumn invites in thoughts of days spent snuggling up with a plush pal and comfy blanket. At Lil Tulips, we carry a wide range of cuddly friends and soft blankets that will keep your family warm all season. 

Stuffed Animals

One of our best selling brands, JellyCat and it’s whimsical collection of breakfast items, fruits and veggies, magical creatures, and backyard animals, has a friend for everyone. New to the shop is the Jingle Jingle collection which features festive holiday favorites like a Christmas tree, elf, wreath and more fun characters. Find the perfect stuffed animal for your family here

Cozy Blankets

With a size for each member of your growing family, Saranoni features adorable patterns and warm tones in mini, receiving, toddler, large and extra large - big enough to fit a queen mattress! Lil Tulips’ very own blanket collection, Avocado Amour, features funky and fresh floral designs made from 100% cotton. Whether you’re swaddling your baby or snuggling on the sofa, these blankets get softer each time you wash them.  


Half-blanket, half-stuffed animal, soothers are a little one’s best friend! With so many adorable pals to pick, from a bashful turtle to baby’s first bunny, they make the days and nights more cozy. Also perfect for gift-giving and saving for the next generations to come. 

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