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      Saranoni Luxury Blankets - Oversized Comfy Plush Home Throws

      Bringing comfort, warmth, & connection through luxuriously soft blankets.


      Saranoni Luxury Blankets Makes The Softest Baby Blankets, Muslin Quilts

      Saranoni makes the most luxurious blankets that are made from special fabric that is custom knit to ensure they are incredibly comfy, fluffy, plush, and comfortable – feeling is believing! Their Luxury Blankets provide comfort, warmth and connection for you and the ones you love. With blankets ranging from infant swaddle blankets to adult extra large throw blankets, there is truly a blanket for everyone.

      Find emotional and physical comfort by wrapping yourself in a luxury blanket. The feel could be described as super soft, comfy, fluffy, cuddly with hearty durable construction. High-quality construction from every aspect is considered, from the thread to the dye, from the factory to the family who receives this blanket.

      Only the highest quality yarn is selected as they knit all of their own fabric to their specifications, and cut and sew each blanket by hand. Saranoni never buys bolts of pre-made, mass-produced fabric, nor cuts corners on quality. Each and every single blanket is sewn by a master sewer to ensure a top-quality blanket that lasts for years.

      Sizes of Saranoni Blankets

      • Extra Large: 60" x 80" - Large enough to cover the entire surface of a queen-sized bed!

      • Toddler: 40" x 60" - Large enough for a twin-size bed, this size is perfect for toddlers to teens.

      • Receiving: 30" x 40" -  Large enough for babies and infants in their first several years.

      • Mini: 15" x 20" - Ultimate on-the-go comfort, this security blanket is perfect for little hands to grasp.

      You can shop for Saranoni’s Eucalyptus Lush Blanket, Yosemite 4-Layer Muslin Quilt, Ballet Slipper Lush Blanket, Dew Lush Blanket, Pebble Dream Blanket, Light Pink Bamboni Blanket, Deep Rose Bamboni Blanket, Peach Bamboni Blanket, Camel Lush Blanket, Light Blue Bamboni Blanket, and so much more all here at Lil’ Tulips!

      The Saranoni Story of Unmatched Luxury in Blankets

      After becoming new parents, Nathan and Emily Peterson learned very quickly that the seemingly small, everyday moments with their children were the things they would look back on most fondly and continue to cherish. In 2006 they started down the path of making their own fabric so that they could make a blanket with softness and quality that exceeded anyone’s expectations. They wanted to bless the lives of others through creating jobs, supporting families, and providing a product that could make a difference. They wanted to create blankets that would bring warmth, comfort, and connection and foster and help create those special moments.

      Fast-forward a few years, six kids later, lots of hard work and many sleepless nights, and they now have an amazing community of Snugglers that support and love the purpose behind why they do what they do. Saranoni has truly become a family affair, not just for their family, but for all the families that have cherished their blankets through all of life's changes. Whether you are welcoming a new baby, comforting someone in their time of need, grieving the loss of a loved one, Saranoni is so grateful for you and their hearts are full knowing that in some ways they get to be a little part of your special moments.

      As an organization, Saranoni has chosen to do things differently. Relationships are important, and they have built relationships with individuals and families who work with them to design the patterns, knit the fabric, and sew the blankets that become Saranoni’s.

      We echo the sentiment of Saranoni when they say, “We sincerely hope our blankets bring comfort, warmth, and love to those you love!"

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