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      Guidecraft - Open-Ended Wooden Montessori Toys

      Nature-Inspired Toys that Inspire a Love of the Outdoors.


      Guidecraft Makes Wooden Montessori Toys for Open-Play

      Learning through play and simple activities is one of the greatest joys of being a child. In a world of flashy smartphones and video games, bring back the simple pleasures of childhood with the Guidecraft toy collection.

      Guidecraft products are inspired by natural features like rocks, forests, and coral reefs. Using materials like sanded wood, soft satin, natural bark, and durable plastic, Guidecraft’s Montessori-style wooden toys bring the magic of the outdoors right into your own home. Your child can stack river rocks, collect twigs and grasses, build a marine environment, and see the world through a new, colorful lens; all in the safety of their backyard or playroom. These products are strong enough to withstand hours of play, but simple enough that your child can use their imagination to create fascinating worlds and storylines.

      Your child can grow with Guidecraft with their wide range of wooden imaginative products for children of various ages. They can start with simple wooden river stones and wooden blocks with colorful sand and liquid. As they get older, they'll graduate to the more advanced building sets and start collecting trinkets with the treasure tubes. Older children will enjoy the complex Coral Connections set, which invites them to build an elaborate coral reef with fish and sea creatures. Each product in the Guidecraft line invites children to ask questions about the natural world, like “What are these stones made of?” “What kinds of animals live in coral reefs?”

      Turn Play into An Exciting Learning Adventure with Guidecraft

      What's the best way to educate your child? Make them have so much fun that they won't even notice they're learning. With the treasure tubes, you can take your child out for a hike and invite them to collect rocks, pebbles, feathers, and other trinkets they see on the way. Educate them about the natural world and encourage their natural curiosity. When they get back, they'll have a treasure trove of objects that will delight them for years to come.

      The sanded wood “stones” and natural wood blocks can be the centerpiece of a lesson about trees. Teach your child about the different types of trees in the forest. As they play with the branch blocks, they'll notice the rough, inconsistent texture of the bark. Teach them about the beauty of nature and the way that no two trees are the same, making each one a unique part of the forest.

      When your child graduates to the coral reef set, you'll be ready for more advanced play. Tie it into a lesson about the ocean, the coral reefs, and all the fish and sea creatures that live in the water. As they put the plastic reef together, they'll learn about the food chain and the way everything in the environment is interlinked. You can even place the reef in a real fish tank for increased hands-on learning.

      A Lifetime of Exploratory Play for Your Child

      With Guidecraft, your child will see the world in ways that they never saw before. They'll build cherished memories that will last a lifetime; and if they have kids of their own, they might pass these toys to their own children one day. When you buy Guidecraft wooden Montessori toys, you're not just buying cheap entertainment. You're investing in their future and instilling them with a lifelong love of nature, learning, playing, and growing.

      Lil’ Tulips is proud to offer a full range of Guidecraft products for your little ones. These popular toys tend to sell out quickly, so don't hesitate. Place your order today and we'll have it shipped out to you as soon as possible.

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