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      Slumberkins - Emotional Learning Toys for Kids

      Raising resilient, caring, and confident children.


      Slumberkins Makes Stuffed Animals and Books to Promote Emotional Learning

      Slumberkins is a line of cute and cuddly creatures that are designed to promote positive attachments. Founded by two mothers and educators, each creature is accompanied by an original Sleepytime Rhyme that was intentionally written with therapeutic techniques to promote a specific positive life skill. Slumberkins are the perfect, best, cuddly friend for little ones to incorporate into the bedtime routine and beyond. Each one is made of the softest, most luxurious fabric and is machine washable.

      Slumberkins is dedicated to helping families raise caring, confident, and resilient children through affirmations, stories, and creature characters. They are committed to helping all children build social-emotional skills. By emphasizing positivity, connection, and authenticity, Slumberkins supports a strong foundation for lifelong emotional wellness.

      Big, new feelings and life changes can be overwhelming for a child. Whatever their worry is, the books, creatures, and affirmations from Slumberkins can help them sort through these big feelings and learn to process them in a positive way. Some of the themes Slumberkins offers help with are Negative Self-Talk, Parent Separation (or other types of family changes), Problem Solving, and Sibling Rivalry.

      You can shop for Slumberkins’ Honey Bear Snuggler Bundle, Maple Bigfoot Snuggler Bundle, Rose Unicorn Snuggler, Pacific Hammerhead Snuggler Bundle, Pebble Otter Snuggler Bundle, Seafoam Narwhal Snuggler Bundle, Werewolf Fox Kin - Halloween Limited Edition, Caring Book Set, and so much more all here at Lil’ Tulips!

      The Slumberkins Story of Promoting Early Emotional Learning

      Slumberkins is a leading children’s educational brand on a mission to promote early emotional learning. The founders are a family therapist and an educator, and they saw a need for an intentional children’s brand that would help reinforce a positive attachment between children and their caregivers. All of the Slumberkins stories use evidence-based techniques to develop children’s important social-emotional skills. Using proactive and supportive narratives in the stories, each Slumberkins collection is carefully crafted to build resilient, caring, and confident children.

      Slumberkins is the culmination of 20+ years of friendship between Kelly and Callie. They have a shared life passion for promoting early emotional learning. As mothers with backgrounds in family therapy and early education, they saw a need for intentional children’s products while they were on maternity leave together in 2016. They now have the privilege of spreading the Slumberkins mission and preparing children to thrive in the modern world, and we at Lil’ Tulips are honored to join them in that mission!

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